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After graduating from university, got a job at a real estate company. After that, he was involved in the establishment of a private lodging company. Encountering the various thoughts and needs of customers while engaging in the real estate business and private lodging business made me interested in the law and became an administrative scrivener. Since I spent my childhood abroad, I would like to support foreigners staying in Japan.


Administrative scrivener, Residential land and building trader, Certified Skilled Professional of Financial Planning (2nd grade)

​Rino Sakata,
Representative and Administrative Lawyer


Having been in North America and Oceania for about 10 years, he was working as an expatriate in a leading cement company, bank, and a refractory company.  After returning to Japan, he was appointed as a director of an Osaka based insulation materials company, listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange: He has been responsible in Fiance and Accounting, General Affairs, and Global Operations for 8 years; he retired in 2019.


Education/ Qualification:

BA (Osaka University of Foreign Studies)/ MBA (University of Southern California),

Certified Skilled Professional of Financial Planning (1st grade)



While working in a cement company he was deeply involved in the first cross border M&A for the industry.  Later he joined a leading Japanese bank, where he was dealing with various kinds of cross-boarder M&A cases.  After working as the Chief Representative of Melbourne and other assignments in Tokyo, he was transferred after secondment to a Australian subsidiary of a leading refractory company, he was working as a Chief Financial Officer for 5 years.  Then back to Japan he has taken an directorial role of an insulation material company in Finance and Accounting Department.  He contributed its V-shaped recovery for the next year.

Fumihiko Sakata,
Senior Consultant
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