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Advisory and consultation services for Japanese small and medium sized companies to expand overseas businesses

We do consultation services for M&A, Equity participation, Business alliance/ partnership, and International trade: We do financial analysis and valuation of the target companies, mediation, negotiation and whole process of the deal. Experienced staff in global business working for banking and industrial companies will be assigned.


We do support for Japanese companies to hire foreign peoples to obtain work permits and appropriate visa statuses.

Advisory and consultation services for foreign companies and individuals to establish business platform and foundation in Japan

We do support for incorporation procedures and appropriate work permits/ visa acquisition as well as business licenses application; we do intermediary and consulting services to deal with Japanese companies including finding appropriate targets.


We do support for foreign individuals to obtain appropriate work permits and visa statuses: We do support for naturalization application procedures, alien registration application, permanent residence permit application, and international marriage.  Communication can be done in English.

Translation services
Support for public cash benefit and grant application

English translation will be required to deal with overseas entities and inheritance procedures; registration certificates and notary certification will be more required.


We do translation services for contracts/ agreements, documents for visa application, registration certificates and family register.

We do support for Jizokuka Kyufu Grant, Yachin Shien Kyufu Grant and other public cash benefit applications.



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